Do I Need A Heating Tune-Up?

Cold weather is officially upon us. Freezing conditions and broken heating system in the middle of the winter amount to a nightmare situation. Luckily, this can all be avoided with a heating tune-up to save you the possibility of freezing pipes that could burst, waiting on a technician when you’re without heat and other unexpected costs.

Regular check-ups can help you safely and efficiently heat your home. It can also help you catch issues that might arise later on and correct them before they ever show up. Plus, did you know that a regular tune-up could more than double the lifespan of your heating system?

Here’s just a few more benefits of a heating tune-up:

Reduced Cost

When units run efficiently, it means that they run more effectively. This reduces the cost of running them not only in the middle of that freezing winter night, but it can reduce cost through the rest of the year as well.

Ductwork is also something that you need to check on throughout your home. The heating units use ducts to create the air flow to heat different areas of your home.

When they aren’t working properly, they can cause backed-up air which increases the pressure on your heating system. Of course, when this happens, the efficiency of the heating system is reduced.

Less Downtime

When your heating system is strained, there are many components that could break. By doing tune-ups, you can not only catch when a single component is on its last legs, it could likely help you keep from having to replace the entire unit.

When you keep everything in shape within your heating system, you’re putting less stress on the system itself. Therefore, the lifespan of it can be drastically increased – in some cases by years!

Your Warranty Could Be Voided

Without regular maintenance, many manufacturing warranties will become void. This means that if something were to happen to the unit down the line, unfortunately it would no longer be covered because you don’t have proof of maintenance – even if the unit is faulty.