How To Maintain An HVAC System

Did you know that maintaining an HVAC system can add years to its life? There are simple steps you can take to maintain your HVAC unit and not only save money in the long term by having the unit longer, but also save time, money and efficiency of the unit now by having it work properly.

Here are just a few tips:

Change The Air Filter

Changing the air filter is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your HVAC unit running well. They do need to be changed regularly – at least once every few months. Typically, a quarterly change will do depending on the type of HVAC unit you have.

The air filter becomes clogged with dirt and other pollutants as your system runs which chokes out the unit and makes it harder to run the way that it’s suppose to. This makes the unit work harder and will increase your monthly electricity bill.

Annual Check-Up

An annual check-up on the unit is critical. If you can find small problems faster, you’re likely to avoid large, costly repairs later. You can do a simple check yourself, but we also do highly recommend you have a professional come do a full check-up of the unit.

Things you’ll want to look into are that the fans within your unit are clean and spinning in the right direction. You’ll also want to ensure that your unit doesn’t have any damage on it, and that all screws are tightened on the exterior.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Just like you need to keep the air filters clean, you must do the same with your air ducts. Keeping these clean is very simple and it makes sure that dust and other particles don’t rest there.

Air ducts should be kept uncovered at all times, so also make sure they’re not covered by low sitting furniture, rugs, or other items.