How You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Shower Valve

Sometimes after a long day, a nice shower is all you need to relax. But what happens when you’re ready to start relaxing, only to discover that something isn’t quite right with your shower? There can be many issues with plumbing in your shower, but one common issue is an old shower valve. 

Here are a few signs that you might have a faulty shower valve in your home that needs to be replaced: 

You have trouble turning the handle

It is not uncommon to have difficulty turning your shower on if you need to replace the valve. Sometimes even a little resistance when you turn the handle could mean that the valve is misaligned. This is often caused by damage or corrosion over time. This could be one of the first signs of a much larger plumbing problem.

You experience unexpected temperature changes

When it comes to the perfect shower, we all have that one temperature that is just right, so an unexpected change in temperature is something you will definitely notice. This sudden change in temperature may be a result of  a buildup of lime inside your shower valve. If this is something you have experienced, it may be time to schedule some plumbing repairs.

You notice a loss of water pressure

As with changes in shower temperature, sudden changes in the pressure, or an overall loss of pressure, can be a result of wear and tear on your shower valve. Pressure problems may also be caused by clogs or normal wear and tear on internal components of the valve.  

Your shower head begins to leak

If you notice leaks or dripping when you turn your shower off, this can be an indication that the shower valve no longer has the proper seal to shut off the shower head completely. A leak may seem like a minor issue but it can be a significant problem that can lead to damage to your bathroom over time.

If you have a faulty shower valve, you need to have professional plumbing repairs done promptly in order to avoid further damage. Give us a call and we will have one of our licensed plumbers come out and take care of all your plumbing needs 615-382-8130.