HVAC Checklist

Tennessee can have pretty unpredictable weather, so who knows when we can finally make that switch from heat to air. That makes this a unique time of year when we’re between using the heat and turning on the air conditioning. 

As the heating season comes to an end and the cooling season begins, we recommend taking these steps to maintain your HVAC system:

Check your air filters once a month: 

The simplest thing you can do for your HVAC system is check the air filters regularly. A dirty air filter can compromise your indoor air quality, decrease the efficiency of your heating or cooling equipment, and even put strain on your HVAC system. Be sure to check your filters once a month, cleaning or replacing them as necessary when they become dirty or clogged.

Keep heating and AC units free of debris:

Another simple maintenance item you can take care of on your own is keeping your heating and AC units free of debris. Check your HVAC unit often for dirt, pollen, leaves, sticks, and other debris. Clear any debris from the top and sides of the unit using gloves and a stiff brush, if necessary.

Schedule a tune-up for your HVAC equipment:

Heating and air conditioning units need a tune up at least once a year to ensure smooth, safe, and efficient operation. Spring is a great time to schedule tune ups for both your HVAC unit. This is one of the most important things to do to make sure your unit gets a full life. 

Call a professional at the first sign of trouble

Are there unusual noises or smells coming from your HVAC system? Or does your HVAC system seem to be falling short in keeping your home comfortable? Call a professional as soon as possible. Heating and air conditioning units have sensitive equipment, so it’s best to let professionals handle any intricate work. 

Give your HVAC equipment a little TLC this spring. Contact us to get a seasonal tune up scheduled.