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FiveStar Plumbing & HVAC provides affordable toilet repair services to customers in Nashville and surrounding areas. Having toilet issues can cause immense stress and become quite frustrating. Our experienced Nashville plumbers will carefully examine and diagnose the issue and provide you with hassle-free solutions as soon as possible. FiveStar’s elite team of plumbers are committed to working diligently and providing top-tier customer service. Call us today at (615) 382-8131 to schedule an appointment.

Some tell-tale signs that your toilet is malfunctioning

Our plumbing technicians have the experience behind them to fix any problem in a safe and professional manner. We will carefully inspect the toilet for indications of aging parts, and will replace any necessary components to have the toilet working properly in no time.

A toilet that doesn’t stop running, or that runs for a seemingly long period of time after flushing, most likely has some type of leak. Water may be flowing into the overflow tube, which could be caused by a corroded overflow pipe, valve assembly, or flapper valve. These issues can waste up to 200 gallons of water in just one day! That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable and professional plumber in Nashville come out to assist you as soon as possible.

Newer Toilets Are More Efficient & Cost Effective

If a quick fix is not enough to fully restore the integrity of your toilet, our team is also here to help you install a brand new toilet in your Nashville home. Newer toilets are known for being highly-efficient. On average, new toilets use only 1.6 gallons of water with each flush, compared to the 3.5 gallons of water with older toilet models. This switch can save you way more money in the long run. You will see a noticeable price reduction in your utility bills each month and you’re reducing water waste! FiveStar is here to discuss all of your options for replacing and installing a more functional and efficient toilet.

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