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If you are experiencing clogged drains or other drain problems, you can rest assured that FiveStar’s professional plumbers are there to help. Our team of plumbing experts have the highest quality training and experience to repair your drain properly and efficiently. 

Each of our licensed plumbers are equipped to repair any drain problem your Nashville home or business may be facing. These issued may include but are not limited to:

FiveStar plumbers can help you clear out your clogged bath drain, shower drain, kitchen sink or bathroom sink. Unclogging drains can be a challenging task without proper training and equipment. Our team of Nashville plumbers offer same-day services to come to your home or business and get your water draining properly in no time.

Our Nashville Plumbers Offer a Variety of Drain Cleaning Services

Give FiveStar a call at (615) 382-8131 for all your Nashville and Middle Tennessee drain cleaning needs. You can also schedule an appointment online!

Nashville Commercial Drain Repair & Services

Our team of professional plumbers offer residential and commercial plumbing services in the greater Nashville area. Our commercial drain services include installations, repairs, and maintenance for your business. Our licensed plumbers can resolve clogged sink drains, floor drains, roof and storm drains properly and efficiently with the following services:

This plumbing and drain cleaning technique is sometimes referred to as water jetting. We only use this method if snaking the clogged drain doesn’t completely remove the blockage on its own. Hydro Jetting in Nashville uses a special machine that pushes pressurized water through a high-pressure hose and shoots it out of a high-strength nozzle.

The goal is for the high impact of pressurized water to clean out any type of blockage in your pipes. The water pressure is typically around 4,000 psi and flows out at a rate of approximately 18 gallons per minute. This technique helps with removing debris, eliminating tree roots, and clearing out any build up.

Our Nashville drain cleaning services help to extend the life of your pipes and clear out your clogged draining system for maximum efficiency. Hydro jetting is one of the many ways our experienced plumbers effectively repair any drain clogs in your residential or commercial building. Schedule your hydro jetting service today by giving us a call or making an appointment online!

Clogged Sewer Services

Have you noticed various gurgling noises coming from your pipes, drains that seem to be clogged, debris backing up at water points, or a sewer smell in the house? Then it is probably time to call in a professional plumber in Nashville. These are all signs that things may start to get messy if it hasn’t started already. It is best to have an experienced plumber assess the issue and prevent or repair the problem before it gets any worse.

FiveStar plumbers are ready to fix any sewer problem in your Nashville home to reduce the level of damage sooner rather than later. Our team of expert plumbers will open, clean, and perform any combination of the following services to repair your sewer:

If you think your sewer may need to be inspected or repaired, don’t wait. Call FiveStar plumbers as soon as possible at (615) 382-8131.


There are a variety of tools that can be used to unclog drains, depending on the severity of the blockage, as well as the location. Typically, a plumber would start with a drain snake to try to dislodge the clog. Or sometimes they may use something called an auger that rotates as it is forced through the drain to remove simple clogs caused from buildup. If those methods aren’t doing the trick, the expert will try hydro jetting which is a more powerful technique that uses pressurized water to eliminate clogs.


The first step is to insert the snake into the drain pipe and rotate the handle to slowly unravel it. The snake will continue to push deeper into the pipe until it reaches the clog, in which you will feel some resistance. (You may need to push a little harder once you reach the part of the pipe that bends). Continue to rotate the plumbing snake through the pipes until you can feel the blockage coming loose. If you aren’t feeling a significant change, pull it out to see if the clog is already attached to the snake. Keep the water running after removing the clog to wash down any left over residue. If the plumbing snake isn’t resolving the issue, call a licensed plumber to finish the job.


Many chemical drain cleaners and liquid cleaners like Drano are hazardous for people, pipes, and even the environment. You can try to clear out a clogged drain in a more safe way, by using your hands, pliers, or a drain clog remover tool. A more powerful tool like an auger, or a plumbing snake will usually remove those tougher clogs. If you have already tried all of the natural DIY methods of removing a drain clog, call a professional plumber to get your water flowing through those drains properly.


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