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Roots and sewer lines don’t get along. All roots need are a tiny opening, just a little opportunity. Once they get in a pipe, it’s all over. They have a perfect growing medium, and soon your flushes won’t be flowing anymore. And it’s not just roots; old piping can lose its downhill-running grade or break down with age.

Thankfully, we are very skilled at repairing and replacing sewers and drains. Bottom line, you need a company that has the experience to fix the problem right the first time. Find out why more Tennesseans use FiveStar than any other plumbing company.

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Whenever a plumbing or AC problem strikes, we know that there are few things in life worse. you are a giant priority to us, and we’ll get out to you just as soon as we can.

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We keep our prices as low as we can. We want you to choose us every time, because you know our pricing is always fair.

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Plumbing is behind walls or underneath the ground. When we discover hidden problems that weren’t apparent at first, we will always immediately let you know what’s happening.

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All of our technicians are rigorously trained, have years of experience, and know that the customer always comes first.

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