Why Does My Shower Make a Whistling Sound?

Whistling Shower Noise

Showers age over time and it’s very common for them to begin making odd sounds. One of the most common sounds people encounter is a whistling or squealing noise that comes from their showerheads. This probably is a good indicator that you should call a locally-trusted professional plumber to determine the source of the problem. This could require disassembling the entire shower fixture to determine a proper diagnosis. 

Top 5 Reasons Showers Whistle

Below are the most common reasons why showers make a squealing or whistling sound

  1. It’s time to replace your shower head

Unfortunately, shower heads aren’t made to last forever. After some time, the internal mechanisms of your shower head begin to wear down and limescale begins to build up. Different areas of the world experience various levels of mineral content in their water supply. This factors into how long any shower head will last in your home.

  1.  Limescale buildup is clogging your shower pipe

Limescale doesn’t only accumulate inside the showerhead, but it can also be inside the pipes that lead to your shower. As mineral buildup occurs, the more narrow the inside of the pipe becomes. The water pressure that flows through this narrow passage can cause a high-pitched whistling sound.

  1. The shower valve is worn out

Every shower has a valve that can be adjusted with the faucet handle. The valve is designed to control the desired temperature of the water by mixing together different amounts of hot and cold water. As this valve wears over time, it can result in a whistling sound.

  1. It’s time to replace the diverter

If your shower is also a bathtub, it likely has a handle or faucet pin that switches the water flow from the shower head to the bathtub faucet. One way to tell if this valve needs to be replaced is if you hear a squealing sound when switching from one faucet to the other.

  1. There is debris and buildup inside the shower cartridge

Some showers have something called a cartridge. Essentially it is a type of valve that you can find inside the faucet or showerhead. Cartridge valves contain small holes that provide precise control for water flow and temperature. Both of these components are crucial for a comfortable shower. However, sometimes debris can build up causing a blockage in the cartridge holes, which can result in a squealing or whistling noise. 

Eliminating limescale in your shower can sometimes be an easy task to perform, however, trying to reach your shower’s valves to analyze and replace them may be a more difficult task. These parts are located behind the walls in your sower and can be challenging to reach. If it is not done properly and carefully, you may cause an unwanted leak. In order to avoid any water damage, you’ll want to call a trusted plumber like FiveStar to come out and fix the problem safely and effectively. 

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