Why Is My Air Conditioner Making A Weird Noise?

We’ve all heard it: that one noise that just isn’t right coming from our air conditioner units. It may be a screeching high pitch, or it may sound like water gurgling, or…it may be something you just can’t quite place your finger on.

Keep in mind, cooling systems often do make noises. They shouldn’t be completely silent, but when you can’t figure out that noise, here’s a few ways you could diagnose it:

Ongoing click sounds

While there are components that do make clicking noises when your AC unit stops or starts, if they continue to click, that’s when you have a problem.

If you hear these clicks, you may have a bad thermostat, or a defective control. Don’t ignore it – ignoring issues like this can put your unit at risk for bigger problems down the road.

Squealing sounds

Squealing noises are classic signs that you may have a bad belt. Belts can do anything from go out of alignment to completely wear out. If the system makes squealing sounds, check the belt.

Another reason for squealing could be the malfunctioning of fan motors or the blower wheel.

Grinding noises

Grinding noises are usually a tell-tale sign of an issue with the AC motor’s bearings. If it’s more of a rattling than a grind, you may want to check the cover panels and tighten them to see if this stops it.


Banging noises might mean there is a loose or broken part in your compressor. When you hear it, you should prepare to have to replace the compressor since this is a very typical sound when it is broken.

Screaming or whistling

A screaming or whistling sound should not be ignored. Immediately turn off your air conditioner and give us a call. You likely have a refrigerant leak, which can not only damage your air conditioner, it can also make you very sick.

The screaming noise could also indicate high internal pressure within the compressor. Again, this is another safety issue that cannot be ignored.

Screaming noises can also mean you have a high internal pressure issue inside the compressor. This is a safety issue, and you can’t ignore it.

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